Root Barriers

October 2, 2022


Prevent foundation problems

If you have a tree in close proximity to your home’s foundation, sidewalk, or driveway, don’t wait until it is destroyed to address it. You can act now.  Installing a root barrier before there is a problem will keep you from having to worry about expensive foundation repairs or pouring a new driveway later when your tree matures and grows.      

If you already have tree roots visible and going under your slab, you should take action now before it causes damage.  The cost of installing a tree root barrier is much more affordable than any kind of foundation repair.   During the installation of your Root Barrier, we will trim all threatening roots which will immediately eliminate your hazard because your roots will no longer grow to lift your slab.   

Having a Root Barrier installed is simple. We will decide the location and path of the barrier and dig a trench 24 inches deep by about 4 inches wide and trim all roots keeping the tree’s health in mind.  Once the trench is ready, we will install our Bio Barrier fabric embedded with herbicide nodules which put off pheromones that will not allow new roots to grow within 2 inches of the fabric. 

 If you put one of these bad boys between your tree and your home or slab, you will not have any root problems for the life of the product.  The Bio Barrier fabric we use guarantees over 15 years protection. Talk to one of our Arborists for a Free Estimate.

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What is Soil Management? 

How can a soil sample help me achieve my floral dreams?

 Soil and plants aren’t just dirt to roots. They are active living organisms that feed off of the nutrients soft soils may hold. As these organisms thrive, they in turn feed the plant’s nutrients through the bi-products they produce, or they benefit the plant’s root system by purifying the nutrients into the roots allowing the roots to absorb more nitrates and calcium.

Root Barriers
Our Root Barriers keep the Tree’s roots from spreading out, without suffocating the tree.

Bio Barriers

Bio Barriers use a eco friendly chemical that retards the roots’ density, causing the root system to retract. These root chemical barriers have a half life of 5 to 7 years, and will need to be replaced again. These Barriers do not damage the root systems of the tree.

Which is better to use for our Tree: Bio Barrier or Physical Barrier?

Industrial Plastic/Rubber Root Barriers

These physical root barriers are very strong and force the roots to grow deeper into the soil. This is good for many reasons. One is that they force the tree roots to sink deeper rather than grow outward, giving the tree better footing so it’s less likely to fall during storms with high winds. The other benefit is they last much longer and only need replacement after 10 plus years.

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