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September 25, 2022


Know what’s in your soil

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If you are having problems with your trees, then let’s start with the soil and see what’s going on under the ground.  Your soil could be deficient in certain minerals and simply need a deep root fertilization with the proper nutrients. A soil sample will be our guide to a healthy foundation.

Log Cutters Soil Sample Services | Houston, TX

What is Soil Management? 

How can a soil sample help me achieve my floral dreams?

 Soil and plants aren’t just dirt to roots. They are active living organisms that feed off of the nutrients soft soils may hold. As they thrive, these organisms in turn feed the plant’s nutrients either through the bi-products they produce or by benefiting the plant’s root system by purifying the nutrients into the roots allowing them to absorb more nitrates and calcium.

Soil Samples and how they benefit YOU

 Soil samples are used to determine the contents in your soil, find out its Ph/nitrogen balance, and see if there is any kind of chemical contamination. Unfortunately, mankind is wasteful, and our waste can have irreversible effects on nature. By sampling the soil, our Certified ISA Arborist can quickly identify the problem and suggest various ways of treatment, known as Soil Alteration.

Soil Alterations

LogCutters Expert ISA certified arborists will develop a Soil Management plan for our clients. Explaining what is needed to be done and why. Some Soil Alterations are simple and have a easy weekly regiment the homeowner can follow or outsource.

Some more serious soil containment may require soil removal and replacement or soil treatments.

Soil Fertilization Service | Houston, TX

I can fertilize my own lawn. Why should I hire someone to do it? 

My grass won’t grow. I’ve used everything I can think of! Why won’t anything grow in my yard?

 Nature is fickle and will give and take as easily as the wind blows. What can you do to overcome these issues? Sometimes it’s finding out the right fertilizer for the right area. Some soils may not need fertilization, some may need the right balance of ph/nitrogen. How do you know what or how to gauge it? This is where our experienced and educated Arborists come in. They use soil sampling to get a base idea of where to begin and plan out a map to repair the damage.  Some damage may need to be repaired or altered. Like if your soil under 1 ft is very clay-like, it will not support plant life due to the fact that it will not absorb water and will suffocate the roots of a plant.

 Our Arborists will save you money in the long run, and they will help prepare you to create the yard of your dreams.

What is Deep Root Fertilizing?

Deep root fertilizing is the process of introducing a balanced formula of nitrates, root nodules, and beneficial bacterias directly into the root system’s exterior. This allows all of the tree’s roots to benefit, boosting the tree’s growth, health, and immune system. This is a very beneficial routine every Arborist will recommend!

LogCutters Houston, Tx provides Arborist visual and tactile inspections of trees or various plants as well as landscaping inquiries at request. Please note that there is a fee for an official Arborist evaluation.

Our Houston ISA certified Arborist, injecting
fertilizer directly to the root system of the tree.

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